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Central Park Cruising Part 3 - Drill My Hole - Dirk Caber & Tom Faulk

Part 3 of Central Park Cruising features a hot hookup between Dirk Caber and Tom Faulk.


The guys waste little time getting alone and naked. Both guys are 100% versatile and 100% horny and the sex is hot!

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CentralParkCruisingPart301 CentralParkCruisingPart303 CentralParkCruisingPart305 CentralParkCruisingPart307
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CentralParkCruisingPart309 CentralParkCruisingPart311CentralParkCruisingPart313 CentralParkCruisingPart315
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Stepfather's Secret Part 7 - Drill My Hole - Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid & Phenix Saint

Dirk Caber has a pretty impressive libido. Not only is he fucking his wife, her many stepsons and her stepson's friends...he's hooking up with hunky Phenix Saint.

When Johnny Rapid interrupts their makeout sesh, things really heat up with both Dirk & Phenix fucking Johnny's hole!

Watch More at Drill My Hole [Click Here] stepfathersecret2_landscape StepfathersSecretPart7DMH01 StepfathersSecretPart7DMH03 StepfathersSecretPart7DMH05 StepfathersSecretPart7DMH07 StepfathersSecretPart7DMH09
Watch More at Drill My Hole [Click Here]
StepfathersSecretPart7DMH11 StepfathersSecretPart7DMH13 StepfathersSecretPart7DMH15 StepfathersSecretPart7DMH17 stepfatherssecrt7screencap
[KGVID poster="" width="480" height="272"][/KGVID]
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Daddy Hunt - Drill My Hole - Dirk Caber & Jimmy Fanz

Jimmy Fanz is a young man tired of the gay scene. Lucky for Jimmy he finds a real man thanks to the Daddy Hunt app.

He logs on and hooks up with hot daddy Dirk Caber who fucks his ass better than he's ever had it!

Watch More at Drill My Hole [Click Here] DaddyHuntDMH01 DaddyHuntDMH03 DaddyHuntDMH05 DaddyHuntDMH07 DaddyHuntDMH09 Watch More at Drill My Hole [Click Here] DaddyHuntDMH10 DaddyHuntDMH12 DaddyHuntDMH14 DaddyHuntDMH16 Watch More at Drill My Hole [Click Here] [KGVID width="480" height="272"][/KGVID]

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HardBritLads - Kayden Gray & Axel Pierce - Part 1

Hard Brit Lads launch their latest scene today featuring  Kayden Gray & Axel Pierce where Little Axel Pierce Worships, Services and Swallows Kayden Gray's Huge Monstercock!

 This is one hot scene with two hot guys in so don't miss out guys an incredible pairing here, with super hung muscle lad Kayden Gray getting a seriously hot servicing from hot little young fittie, Axel Pierce. This scene was so good, I had to split it into two parts, because there was far too much great action to get it all into one video.

KaydenGray_AxelPierce_011 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_042 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_091 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_117 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_163

KaydenGray_AxelPierce_190 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_212

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So part one is focussed on oral and rimming.   and you get plenty! Starting off with mutual groping and nipple play, Kayden gets rock solid immediately, and when his shorts come off, he has a massive throbbing bulge in his white undies.  Axel cant take his eyes off it as he drops to his knees rubbing and stroking it.

KaydenGray_AxelPierce_233 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_270

KaydenGray_AxelPierce_290 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_307 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_386 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_425 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_401KaydenGray_AxelPierce_439

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Taking it out, he sucks eagerly, getting his mouth fucked, then struggles to suck deep.  Kayden forces it right down, getting it deep into his throat.  Insanely hot.  Kayden sucks Axel a bit, but this is all about monstercock worship, so its back to Axel sucking Kayden, on the sofa now, and they get into some hot positions as Axel sucks deep and hard.  Kayden sucks Axel some more, and then gives his hungry hole a real good rimming as he prepares to fuck him.

KaydenGray_AxelPierce_440 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_460 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_472 KaydenGray_AxelPierce_497  KaydenGray_AxelPierce_515


Download Full Scene From Hardbritlads 

[KGVID width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]

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BullDogPit - Daniel Johnson, Luke Desmond and Alfie Bee

Bull Dog Pit bring out their last scene today which is a threesome featuring three hot guys with hot bodies "  Daniel Johnson, Luke Desmond and Alfie Bee ".

Luke Desmond and his monster dick is back for more ass action, and this time he’s joined by new boy and straight lad Daniel Johnson, keen to pick out their next prize and have their way with him!  Choosing Alfie Bee, walking alone through the estates, it’s easy pickings for the duo, who take him, tied up to their lair.

_mg_0135 _mg_0167 _mg_0212 _mg_0500_mg_0462_mg_0510_mg_0266 _mg_0342    _mg_0593

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 Slapping that hot ass hard, Luke gets Alfie ready for a harder and deeper fuck than ever he’s had before.  Luke’s fully hard and fully wanton dick is ready to push into Alfies puckering hole, uneasy about that’s about to happen but his own big dick is filling nicely and shows he’s up for anything!  Straight boy Daniel steps back and directs young Luke, spitting on Alfie’s dick as it gets harder and harder!

_mg_0688 _mg_0727 _mg_0749 _mg_0796 _mg_0824 _mg_0840 _mg_0905 _mg_0915 5-01 5-02

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Stuffing his pretty boy face with two dicks at once, Alfie’s given a foresight into what his ass is gonna have to get used to, not that he’s complaining!  Tag fucked by Daniel and Luke and covered in spit and spunk from the face down, Alfie’s left to clean himself up, the lads are done with this one, for now!

5-03 5-04 5-05 5-06 5-07  5-09 5-105-08

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[KGVID width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]

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ExtraBigDicks - Hung Love - Jacques LaVere And Doug Acre

Today Extra Big Dicks launch another scene called " Hung Love " that features Jacques LaVere And Doug Acre.

49333_01 49333_02 49333_04 49333_05 49333_0349333_06

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This is one hot sexy ass scene, the door quietly unlocks and two handsome lovebirds come walking into a candlelit room.

49333_07 49333_08 49333_09 49333_10

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Doug and Jacques immediately start making out, with no messing about very passionately right at the door near the candles and slowly move into the bedroom. The passion that brews between them is finally let loose in the form of kissing, sucking and erotic ass play. Slow and steady throughout their heightened encounter, they rub and fuck their way to bliss.

49333_11 49333_12 49333_13 49333_14 49333_15

Enjoy Full Scene At ExtraBigDicks 

[KGVID width="640" height="363"][/KGVID]

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WorldOfMen - Kyle Price and Nathan Cox

World of men brings out their latest scene today which is shot on a boat where Kyle Price and Nathan Cox fuck hard over the front of the boat while sailing.

dsc_0029 dsc_0031 dsc_0032 dsc_0035

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Twinky Kyle Price befriends stunning Nathan Cox at a local bar, both realising they have had a bit too much meaningless sex, and wanting something more.

Kyle invites Nathan to a boat trip, the duo are set for one final fuck on the waves, which we all know we would like to get up to.

dsc_0037 dsc_0043 dsc_0045 dsc_0050

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Rocking with the motion, these smooth cuties kiss and lick each others bodies, tasting every part, getting more and more turned on. Pushing down hard onto Kyle, Nathan feeds his own ass the thick shaft which is causing his own cock to throb uncontrollably!! Unleashing a torrent of jizz squirting ceaselessly, both boys coat themselves in juice.

dsc_0054 dsc_0059 dsc_0066 dsc_0067 dsc_0068

Enjoy Full Scene From World Of Men 

[KGVID width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]

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ColtStudioGroup - Erron On The Coast - Erron

Colt Studio Group brings out their latest solo today which is shot outside called " Erron On The Coast " which includes hot hunk Erron.

49535_01 49535_02 49535_03 49535_04 49535_05 49535_06

The California coastline is a treasure trove of secluded beaches. With its rocky alcoves and sandy dunes COLT Man Erron stands out among all the natural beauty that surrounds him.

49535_07 49535_08 49535_09 49535_10

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Finding himself in his own private paradise Erron revels in his nude freedom.

Soaking in the peaceful view he enjoys a deeply meditative and erotic calm. Gazing out to the horizon or running playfully through the dunes, Erron's athletically muscled body and thick cock are a vision of natural beauty.

49535_11 49535_12 49535_13 49535_14 49535_15

Download Full Solo 

[KGVID width="416" height="304"][/KGVID]

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FetishForce - Warehouse Fists - Byron Saint And Armond Rizzo

We all know that we have been waiting for a scene to come out from Fetish force from their series called " Warehouse Fists " including hot hunks Byron Saint And Armond Rizzo.

Armond Rizzo is a hot kinky little fucker. At 5-foot-2, he's 120 pounds of rock-hard muscle. He's got dark olive skin and black hair, a thick bush and he's smooth and uncut. His arm is inserted halfway to the elbow in the ass of Byron Saint, who's urging him, 'Yeah, get up in there!' At 6-foot-5, Byron towers over Armond, but when Brian's on his back, all you notice is the long, hairy legs.

49528_01 49528_02 49528_03 49528_04

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Bottom Byron orders Armond around to maximize his pleasure. He curls forward and presses Armond's arm further into himself. Armond lubes his entire arm, achieving penetration almost to the elbow. Byron's abs ripple and clench.

 49528_06 49528_0549528_07 49528_08 49528_09

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He orders Armond to 'punch that hole' and Armond commences a left-right invasion to the elbow that makes Byron's eyes roll back in their sockets until you can only see the whites. Byron gets onto his feet and lowers himself onto Armond's upright fist, riding it in rapid deep penetration that brings Armond to a gushing climax.

49528_10 49528_11 49528_12 49528_13 49528_14 49528_15

Download Full Scene From Fetish Force

[KGVID width="640" height="363"][/KGVID]

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ROOM SERVICE PART 3 - Pride Studios - Diesel Washington & Jay Armstrong

Jay just finished blowing his load but what he didn't know was that Diesel was watching him the whole time waiting for the right moment to intervene. Diesel can see Jay still relaxing after winding down from his load and that's when Diesel comes walking in with a towel. Jay is very surprised and fully naked yet pleased to see that he now has a towel to clean himself up with. Diesel is not here to clean anything up and Jay has been wanting some thick dark cock deep inside his ass and so he bends right over for Diesel legs spread, awaiting his hot mouth and cock.

Diesel jumps to it and face dives into that bubbly ass and lets his tongue do the rest. Fully rock hard he has Jay service his massive cock and big low hanging balls. With his cock throbbing he bends Jay over and slowly eases into that tight eager ass balls deep. Once in, Jay moans with excitement as the thick cock slides in and out of his ass. Diesel manhandles Jay to the fullest extent pounding away at that ass until he blows a nice hot load all over Jay's face. Enjoy!

Watch More at Pride Studios [Click Here]
Watch More at Pride Studios [Click Here]
[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="363"][/KGVID]
Watch More at Pride Studios [Click Here]

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