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Top 10 Gay Pornstars!!
Here are our top 10 male Gay Porn Stars:   10: Jessie Coulter   9: Coby Keller   8: Damien Crosse   7: Paul Wagner   6: Rafael Alencar   5: Adam Killian   4: Jimmy Durano   3: Landan Conrad   2: Brent Corrigan   1: Brent Everest      
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UK Naked Men Photoshoot

MR Paddy O'Brain does a sexy photoshoot for UK Naked Men, where he shows off his amazing body that he has.

As you can see by looking through the images he is meeting everyone's needs, by showing off his feet and playing with them, showing off his amazing body with underwear on, covering himself up to tease you guys and a naked shoot so you can see all of his muscle body.

If you want to see more images from this photoshoot which I know I would like to check all of them images out at UK NAKED MEN. 


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Lucas Entertainment - Lovers In Paradise

Paddy O'Brian features in a very passionate sex scene for Lucas Entertainment which was shoot in a waterfall.

The DVD is called " Lovers in Paradise " where it is trying to make people put behind them all their troubles and give you guys the exotic and passionate sex you have ever seen.

Leave behind your everyday troubles and escape with the “Lovers in Paradise” where you’ll see the most exotic and passionate sex ever witnessed. Paddy O’Brian and Diego Lauzen have passionate sex under a waterfall where they are all over eachother and very touchy this is a scene to keep you eyes open with. Mr Paddy O'Brian can be passionate and loving and this scene really shows off his loving side.

Check The Scene out at Lucas Entertainment!



See Full Scene at Lucas Entertainment

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Excusive Shower Video Of Paddy O'Brian

Hey Guys,

The sexy man himself paddy O'brianuploaded some shower imagesa few weeks back and now he has gave us the video to these images wow boy is it hot YES YES YES!! ;)

So here you are guys I hope you like Paddy O'Brain Steaming hot shower video that he has done for all you porn lovers out their, In the video he is rubbing his body against the glass, rubbing soap all over his sexy body so basically acting very naughty in the shower for you lovers ;)

I hope you like it and keep your eyes out for more scenes on MEN.COM



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Paddy O'Brain Nominated For Best Sex Scene At The CyberSocket Web Awards

Paddy O'Brain has been nominated for the best sex scene this year with many more great scenes he is competing against. The best scene he has been put up for is the Top to bottom scene he did with Topher Dimaggio for

Everyone had been waiting for the day that Paddy was going to bottom and peoples dreams came true because he had finally agreed to bottom for the first time ever with the hot Topher Dimaggio.

This scene was realised on Friday 26th July 2013, everyone was trying to guess and talking about who he was going to be doing the scene with. But after watching the scene of Paddy he did great for his first ever bottom as he had never ever bottomed before I feel that Paddy took Topher's big hard cock like a pro.

The lines have now closed to Vote for Paddy to win this award but lets hope all you porn loves and fans of Paddy O'Brain have voted for him to Win this award.

The Awards Ceremony will be help on: Wednesday 22nd January 2014.

Good Luck Paddy!


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Paddy O'Brain Nominated For Gay Performer Of The Year Award At The Xbiz Awards

Paddy O'Brain has today been nominated for the gay performer of the year awards at the Xbiz held in Los Angeles. This ceremony will be held on Friday 24th January 2014 at the Century City, Los Angeles, Paddy has had an amazing year this year performing for so if I was you Id take the next few minutes and go and vote for Paddy as he will really appropriate the votes.

The Voting will close very soon so start voting NOW!

paddy obrian xbiz

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Paddy O'Brian Fucks Mark Coxx In The Woods

Paddy O'Brain is fooling around on a video shoot with Mark Coxx, but it does not take Paddy O'Brain long to go from horsing around with Mark Coxx to fucking around. Paddy O'Brian starts to be cheeky and fucks Mark Coxx so hard and deep in the woods while no one is around. FoolingAroundMOUK01 FoolingAroundMOUK02 FoolingAroundMOUK03 FoolingAroundMOUK04 FoolingAroundMOUK05 FoolingAroundMOUK06 FoolingAroundMOUK07

Download and watch the full version at

FoolingAroundMOUK08 FoolingAroundMOUK09 FoolingAroundMOUK10 FoolingAroundMOUK11 FoolingAroundMOUK12 FoolingAroundMOUK13 FoolingAroundMOUK14 FoolingAroundMOUK15 FoolingAroundMOUK16 FoolingAroundMOUK17 FoolingAroundMOUK18

Watch the Full Version Here

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Paddy O’Brain Fucks Colleague Marco Rubi Deep In The Ass

Paddy O’Brian’s Colleague Marco Rubi sends an encrypted message to Paddy which reads ” Paddy I want to fuck you”.  Paddy does not see or take the message very funny but does take the opportunity to pound Marco ass so deep and hard!

MenInCrackMOUK01 MenInCrackMOUK02 MenInCrackMOUK03 MenInCrackMOUK04 MenInCrackMOUK05 MenInCrackMOUK06 MenInCrackMOUK07

Watch and Download Here

MenInCrackMOUK08 MenInCrackMOUK09 MenInCrackMOUK10 MenInCrackMOUK11 MenInCrackMOUK12 MenInCrackMOUK13 MenInCrackMOUK14 MenInCrackMOUK15 MenInCrackMOUK16

See the full version Here


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Me and Kayden Grey in Deep Connection

DeepConnection01 DeepConnection02 DeepConnection03

Deep Connection is part of MEN.COM's series of sensual scenes where the focus is on passionate love making! See me take my time topping Kayden Grey.

DeepConnection06 DeepConnection07 DeepConnection08 DeepConnection09 DeepConnection10 DeepConnection12 DeepConnection13 DeepConnection17 DeepConnection16

See the trailer here:


Even better sign up and see the full scene here.

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Me and Landon Conrad in Shaft Lane 3
Shaft Lane rivals Paddy O'Brian & Landon Conrad finally decide to settle things once and for all and end up in Paddy's bedroom. Bad boy Paddy tops Landon's ass hard and deep.

Watch the full scene here.

ShaftLanePart3MOUK02 ShaftLanePart3MOUK07ShaftLanePart3MOUK08 ShaftLanePart3MOUK09 ShaftLanePart3MOUK10 ShaftLanePart3MOUK12 ShaftLanePart3MOUK13 ShaftLanePart3MOUK14 ShaftLanePart3MOUK15 ShaftLanePart3MOUK16

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