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Soccer Pals - Next Door Studios - Jacob A, Caleb Reece & Colby Klein

On the soccer field, they're good friends, working together to learn passing routines and running drills in order to be as effective as possible. But sometimes, off the field, Colby Klein, Jacob, and Caleb Reece goof around a bunch!

Sometimes all the horseplay gets these sexy soccer pals horny.Today, as they retire from the field, some playful trash talk is thrown around. Jacob always gets razzed the worst, but tries to dish it right back.

This time, Caleb and Colby aren't letting him get a word in without physical repercussion! They jump on him and start with some tickling, but very quickly move to playing with each other's hardening dicks. Soon Colby is sucking Caleb's cock, and Jacob is sharing in the fun. Then, to show there are no hard feelings, Colby and Caleb team up to slurp on Jacob's large dong. And they're going even further by letting Jacob experience their fat cocks in his tight ass. That's right, Colby and Caleb are taking turns fucking sweet Jacob. He loves being the team bottom, especially on a team with such hot boys. Join the after-practice shenanigans and see this athletic, playful trio toss the playbook out the window and get down to some real fun! Watch More at Next Door Studios [Click Here] 50993_01 50993_02 50993_03 50993_04 50993_05 50993_06 Watch More at Next Door Studios [Click Here] 50993_07 50993_08 50993_09 50993_10 50993_11 50993_12 Watch More at Next Door Studios [Click Here] 50993_13 50993_14 50993_15 [KGVID poster="" width="640" height="363"][/KGVID] Watch More at Next Door Studios [Click Here]

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Room Service Part 1 - Men Over 30 - Diesel Washington & Sean Duran

Sean is staying at a luxury hotel for his first vacation in a very long time. It's all about relaxing for him and only paying attention to himself and leaving the outside world behind. He's sitting on his couch rubbing on his cock watching some porn and just when he's about to pull out his cock the doorbell rings.

In comes Diesel who is hired to change the sheets and bedding plus any other special accommodations. Diesel notices that Sean is watching porn and it becomes very awkward when Sean stands up to give him his tip. Diesel thanks him and heads off to his daily duties.

Now that he has been interrupted Sean decides to take a quick shower. While in the shower Diesel sneaks back into the room very quietly as he tiptoes around looking for Sean. He can hear the shower going and he peeks in to see Sean fully naked soaked in water rubbing his manly body. Diesel is licking his lips with joy while rubbing his hard cock through his thin pants. After a few minutes of watching Sean shower so gracefully he steps out of the shower and notices Diesel standing in the doorway with towels for him. Sean is stunned that he is in his room let alone the shower but Diesel reassures him that everything will be alright. He takes Sean by his dick and brings him into the bedroom where he starts to suck on his throbbing cock. Sean loves the service as he feels Diesel's tongue licking his shaft up and down. Diesel manhandles Sean in every way possible as he pushes his legs up high over his head and licks his ass cleaner than a shower ever could. His cock now enormous and throbbing in his white pants, Diesel takes it out and fucks Sean's tight hole. His cock is thick and hard as he pushes slowly into Sean and at times pumps fast, making him love every inch of it. Eventually Diesel leaves a hot creamy load all over Sean's eager face. Service with a smile is Diesel's motto. Enjoy! Only at Men over 30! [Click Here Now!] 50805_01 50805_02 50805_03 50805_04 Only at Men over 30! [Click Here Now!] 50805_05 50805_06 50805_07 50805_08 50805_09 Only at Men over 30! [Click Here Now!] 50805_10 50805_11 50805_12 50805_13 Only at Men over 30! [Click Here Now!] 50805_14 50805_15 [KGVID poster="" width="640" height="363"][/KGVID] Only at Men over 30! [Click Here Now!]

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Easy Pick Up - Next Door Studios - Jordano Santoro & JP Richards

JP Richards is out for a nice day in the park. But it's not just any park. JP knows that a lot of hot guys cruise through here, and he's hoping to score one. When JP sees Jordano Santoro walk by, he definitely takes notice. Jordano's tight physique, cool look, and sexy vibe would catch any guy's eye.

Jordano notices JP noticing. He decides to stop and feel out the situation. Jordano takes his shirt off and sees that JP likes this. With a flick of the neck, Jordano signals for JP to follow him.

They wind up back at Jordano's place, where both boys strip down quickly. After some deep smooching, JP goes down for a taste of Jordan's big, hard cock. This is just the type of dick-hungry dude Jordano likes to bring home. Then JP lets Jordano do some sucking. JP's dong is very thick and firm, perfect for Jordano's soft lips. JP decides to enjoy Jordan's tight asshole for a while in order to loosen him up for what he has planned next. Jordano doesn't usually fuck guys on the first meeting, but JP is too irresistible. He lets JP slide in his throbbing erection and pound his ass hard. This is a chance park encounter that turns very hot, very quickly! Enjoy! Watch More at Next Door Studios [Click Here] 51196_01 51196_02 51196_03 51196_04 Watch More at Next Door Studios [Click Here] 51196_05 51196_06 51196_07 51196_08 51196_09 51196_10 Watch More at Next Door Studios [Click Here] 51196_11 51196_12 51196_13 51196_14 51196_15 [KGVID poster="" width="640" height="363"][/KGVID] Watch More at Next Door Studios [Click Here]

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Lust Fuck - Gods of Men - Colt Rivers & Dale Cooper

It's a slow and deep ass fucking for Colt Rivers in the hottest new scene from Gods of Men.

Dale Cooper hits all the right buttons with his hard dick.

Watch More only at [Click Here] LustFuckGOM01 LustFuckGOM07 LustFuckGOM09 LustFuckGOM13 Watch More only at [Click Here] LustFuckGOM15 LustFuckGOM17 LustFuckGOM19 LustFuckGOM21 Watch More only at [Click Here] LustFuckGOM22 [KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID] Watch More only at [Click Here]

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Sketch - Drill My Hole - Colby Keller & Jake Wilder

Romantic lovers spend the afternoon in Central Park. Jake Wilder pencils some sketches of the affair and the guys head home to get into some hardcore action.

After some steamy ass rimming, Colby Keller uses his huge dick to fuck Jake's glorious bubble butt!

Watch More Now only at Drill Mt Hole! [Click Here] Sketch1 Sketch2 Sketch3 Sketch4 Watch More Now only at Drill Mt Hole! [Click Here] Sketch5 Sketch6 Sketch7 Sketch8 Watch More Now only at Drill Mt Hole! [Click Here] Sketch9 Sketch10 Sketch11 Sketch12 Sketch13 Sketch14 [KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID] Watch More Now only at Drill Mt Hole! [Click Here]

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Prisoner of War Part 4 - Jizz Orgy - Alex Brando, Allen King, Damien Crosse, Gabriel Vanderloo & Paddy O'Brian

Paddy O'Brian gets gang banged for the first time ever in the hottest gay porn scene of the summer!

The sex is passionate and a rough as Paddy's straight ass gets pounded by Alex Brando, Damien Crosse, Allen King and Gabriel Vanderloo.

Watch now only at [Click here] PrisonerOfWarPart4JO16 PrisonerOfWarPart4JO17 Watch now only at [Click here] PrisonerOfWarPart4JO01 PrisonerOfWarPart4JO05 PrisonerOfWarPart4JO09 PrisonerOfWarPart4JO13 [KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]
Watch now only at [Click here]

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JocksStudio - Flavio Valentino And Steve Hunt Fuck

JocksStudio bring out a hot scene which is placed in a changing room featuring Flavio Valentino And Steve Hunt where they Fuck.

49514_01 49514_02 49514_03 49514_04 49514_05 49514_06

Check Out Full Scene Here

In this scene the guys make their way to the changing room where they then start to get naughty after a rugby match, starting off by kissing getting one another hard and then getting on their knees to give eachother a blow job.

49514_07 49514_08 49514_09 49514_10

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Once both of the guys are hard they then get onto the bench and start fucking in all different positions, starting off in mish, doggy, rimming, cow boy and then an amazing cum shot from the pair of them.

49514_11 49514_12 49514_13 49514_14 49514_15

Download Full Scene From JocksStudio 

[KGVID width="416" height="304"][/KGVID]

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NextDoorBuddies - Bromance - Connor Maguire And Dante Martin

Hot New scene brought out today called " Bromance " on Next Door Buddies featuring Connor Maguire And Dante Martin. With his wife out of town on a business retreat, Connor Maguire is loving his free time at home. No nagging, no bullshit arguments... just peace and quiet and a few cans of beer. Only thing is, he'd sort of like to get some action while she's away.

49892_02 49892_03 49892_05 49892_06 49892_07 49892_08

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After running into Dante Martin at the gym, the two guys are watching a game and recounting sexual frustrations with their respective significant others, when Dante just says 'Fuck it,' and starts rubbing his cock right there on the sofa.

49892_09 49892_10 49892_11

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Connor takes a deep breath and then exhales, slowly coming to the conclusion that Dante sucks him off better than his wife ever could, and before he knows it, Connor is consumed with the act, turning Dante over on his knees and plunging his tongue deep into Dante's waiting hole. Dante clutches the bed covers Connor's tongue darts in and out of him, until he can wait no longer, begging Connor to fuck him hard.

49892_12 49892_13

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Connor obliges, thrusting his hard cock in and out of Dante from behind, before turning him over and pounding him missionary as Dante strokes himself off. Connor throws Dante's legs over his shoulders, pointing Dante's cock straight back towards him, as Dante launches his load all over his own face, before Connor pulls out and wets him with a load of his own. 49892_14 49892_15

Download Full Scene From Next Door Buddies

[KGVID width="640" height="363"][/KGVID]

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Trunks 8 - Hot House - Jimmy Durano & Jake Wilder

Jake Wilder stops by the pool and finds Jimmy Durano soaking up some rays poolside. He asks the tan Brazilian stud for some service and before you know it, Jimmy pulls his long beautiful cock out of his trunks and begins to slobber up and down on it. The two super-buff studs decide the heat's too much so they get in the water.

Jimmy's big uncut tool pops out and Jake quickly gobbles it up, struggling to fit the fat rod in his mouth. Jake's blow job gets Jimmy worked up for more so be puts Jake on his knees and begins to drill his beefy white butt. Jake's big dick and balls hang down and swing to the beat of Jimmy's thrusts. Jake begs for a load and Jimmy pulls out to oblige, shooting a thick glaze all over Jake's sweaty chest right before Jake adds his to his stomach.

Watch the full scene at Hot House [Click Here]
50501_01 50501_03 50501_06 50501_09
Watch the full scene at Hot House [Click Here]
[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="363"][/KGVID]
Watch the full scene at Hot House [Click Here]

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Neighbors Part 2 - - Dylan Drive & Trevor Spade

Part 2 of Series "Neighbors" features a hot flip fuck between Dylan Drive and Trevor Spade.

This is Dylan's first scene on

Watch More only at [Click Here]  
Watch More only at [Click Here]
[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]
Watch More only at [Click Here]

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