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Pure-Casting Up For Best New Company!
A big well done is in order for Chris Crisco in US who has sourced the filthiest, fittest and sexiest models for your pleasure!   Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 16.37.43   Chris has been grafting his ass off for Pure-Casting we're now nominated for Best New Company at the Cyber socket awards! Fingers crossed for tonight! We know we have got it in the bag :P   A big well done to our hot exclusive models as well for helping our company grow and mature into something prestigious!
see more - A Royal FuckFest - Paul Walker | Connor Maguire | Theo Ford - A Royal FuckFest - Paul Walker | Connor Maguire | Theo Ford


A scandal at the castle unfolds as a sex tape of the royals with castle staff gets out. The Royals sure love to fuck about! 


Paul Walker, a MenOFUK favourite is hot as ever in this threesome scene with sexy abs and a big dick to die for! 


Another Big British contender, Theo ford offers his cock gladly to Conor and Paul!


Last but not least is redhead stud Conor Maguire. Hot Hot Hot!!!!


Great location, great costume, this scene will live up to your nasty fantasies! All served piping hot with in a true Great British manner.


You need to see this scene!


Join Today! - A Royal Fuckfest - Paul Walker | Connor Maguire | Theo Ford [KGVID width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]

More MENOFUK here!

Gabriel Cross is part of Pure-Casting Family and available for bookings.

To keep up to date on us work then follow us on twitter @puregaymenblog @Purecasting

Casting Agents & US Production Team: @ChriscriscoXXX @rodmannion

Video Producer (UK/EU Team): @MickeyLuvXXX

Company Director (International): @Laws_M

Gay, Str8 or Greedy - get involved in join our family today!

see more - Last Night - Diego Sans | Bennett Anthony - Last Night - Diego Sans | Bennett Anthony


Diego Sans finds someone's number on his arm from the night before. His dick is raging hard so he texts the mystery person and what follows is simply hot as fuck.


and it turns out to be none-other than the redhead god Anthony Bennett... mmmmmm...


Hot Hot Hot!


This scene isn't filthy or naughty it's just pure sexiness, oozing and protruding from the screen. It's a pretty fucking awesome pairing! 


Raw in it's execution, you won't find better camera chemistry than these two fucking each other in an epic 20 minute scene! 


Fuck yes!


I suggest you watch this scene today! 


Watch Here For Only £1 Trial! - Last Night - Diego Sans | Bennett Anthony - Trailer [KGVID width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]

Watch More Of These Two Hot Studs Together!

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FalconStudio - Size Matters - Landon Conrad And Seamus O'Reilly

Falcon Studio bring out another scene to their series " Size Matters " featuring hot hunks Landon Conrad And Seamus O'Reilly. Landon Conrad is sporting a beard, and he kicks back in his leather chair. Hot, young ginger Seamus O'Reilly kneels between his outspread thighs, wearing a jockstrap.

49618_01 49618_03 49618_04 49618_05

Watch More ---> Click Here

He nuzzles Landon's crotch until Landon's pants are likely to burst. When Landon pulls out his fat and fully engorged meat, Seamus is on it in a microsecond. He sucks until his cheeks are hollow. Landon's hips surge, triggering Seamus to suck harder. Landon's shirt falls open to show pumped pecs and a hairy chest.

Seamus is hairy himself, with thick ginger pubes and a huge cock. Landon shucks his pants to give full access to his balls, taint and ass. Seamus' oral skills make Landon twitch like electricity was running through him. He summons the willpower to pull Seamus off his cock, rewarding him with deep wet kisses, then reaming his ass with his tongue before planting his cock in Seamus' hole.

49618_06 49618_08 49618_09 49618_10

Enjoy More ---> Click Here

Seamus bounces with passion and urgency until Landon's cock is as deep in his hole as it was in his throat. Landon picks him up bodily, swivels him around and lands him on his back, pile driving into him from above. With sweat coursing down his torso, Landon cums in Seamus' mouth and Seamus quirts his satisfaction in streaks across the room.

49618_12 49618_13 49618_14 49618_15

Download Full Scene From Falcon Studio

[KGVID width="640" height="363"][/KGVID]

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Daddy Loves Twinks - Male Reality - Johny Lucas & Micky
Everyone knows what happens at roadside rest rooms, even a horny old goat with cash to blow.   See More at Male Reality [Click Here] 49224_01 49224_03 49224_05 49224_07 See More at Male Reality [Click Here] 49224_09 49224_11 49224_13   49224_15 [KGVID poster="" width="500" height="284"][/KGVID] See More at Male Reality [Click Here]
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Three's The Charm - Next Door Buddies - Micky Mackenzie, Zak Reed & Cameron Walker

Micky Mackenzie and Cameron Walker have been in a committed relationship for a few months now. When Cameron first told Micky he wanted to be exclusive with him, Micky was reticent, only because both of them are bottoms. Now, they've hit an impasse. As Cameron prepares bowls of cereal for them both, Micky decides to finally confront the issue.When he asks Cameron if he'd be willing to simply try to fuck his ass, Cameron becomes irritated and dismissive. But then Micky suggests they invite a third party into their sexual routine to see if something can be done to satisfy them both properly.

Cameron is surprised and LOVES the idea! He texts Zak Reed, a hot boy he met online, and Zak agrees to come over. When he arrives, the three don't waste any time getting down to pleasure. First Micky sucks Zak's large, stiff Twink cock while Cameron slurps on Micky's thang. They soon switch so Cameron can fuck Micky's tight ass. Cameron stays his course, taking Micky's cock deep in his throat. Then they switch so Cameron can be fucked by their new friend's pulsating erection. Find out what happens when this struggling young couple seek help from a sexy, horny stranger! Enjoy!

Watch Now at Next Door Buddies [Click Here]
51833_01 51833_02 51833_03 51833_04
Watch Now at Next Door Buddies [Click Here]
51833_06 51833_08
51833_10 51833_12 51833_14 51833_15
[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="363"][/KGVID]
Watch Now at Next Door Buddies [Click Here]

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The Business Of Sex - The Gay Office - Dato Foland & Denis Vega

The hottest new scene on MEN is from subsite and features hotties Dato Foland & Denis Vega.

Both guys will have you hard before they take off their clothes. When they do, it's a hot flip fuck, first Dato pounds Denis, then Denis gives it harder and deeper in Dato's horny hole.

Watch More at [Click Here]
TheBusinessOfSexTGO01 TheBusinessOfSexTGO03 TheBusinessOfSexTGO05 TheBusinessOfSexTGO07 TheBusinessOfSexTGO09 TheBusinessOfSexTGO11
Watch More at [Click Here]
TheBusinessOfSexTGO13 TheBusinessOfSexTGO15 TheBusinessOfSexTGO17 TheBusinessOfSexTGOscreencap
[KGVID poster="" width="480" height="272"][/KGVID]
Watch More at [Click Here]

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Tour Of Duty Part 3 - Drill My Hole - Colby Jansen, Jaxton Wheeler & Zeb Atlas

Military themed Series "Tour of Duty" continues with a beefy threeway.

 Big and beautiful Zeb Atlas & Colby Jansen take turns slamming their cocks deep inside Jaxton Wheelers muscle butt. Jaxton is a horny cock whore who takes every thrust into his mouth and ass with abandon.

Watch More at [Click Here]

Watch More at [Click Here]
[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]
Watch More at [Click Here]

see more - The Groomsman - Darin Silvers | Roman Todd - The Groomsman - Darin Silvers | Roman Todd   1 Roman Todd is moments away from getting married to the girl of his dreams but one of his groomsmen wants to dip his fat cock in his hole one last time before his best buddy ties the knot. It's his wedding day but Roman doesn't see the harm as he bends his hot ass over for Darin Silver's huge dick.   5     9   10   12   14   18   21   24     Scene is hot as fuck!   Watch on for only $1 for the day!    More STR8TOGAY       
see more - Men At Sea - Alex Mecum | Vadim Black - Men At Sea - Alex Mecum | Vadim Black 1 models have set sail and it's time for them to get cozy aboard their cruise ship. Alex Mecum and Vadim Black get steamy with some scorching hot fucking amidst truly breathtaking views. Vadim drills Alex's excited hole until they both shoot their hot loads all over.






Our Exclusive is looking absolutely hot as fuck!!




Gods Of Men

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